Britney Spears Posts Cryptic Message, Smashes Cake in Husband’s Face

Husband #3 got more than just a slice from his pop legend wife, but why was she so mysterious afterwards?

Britney Spears was in a celebratory mood this weekend, sharing and being shared in moments that highlighted her husband Sam Asghari’s birthday. After giving her 29-year-old hubby a face full of cake however, she puzzled fans with a cryptic message in a new post.

“Happy birthday baby!” The “Tiny Dancer” singer declared after smashing an entire birthday cake into Asghari’s face. The model and fitness trainer thanked his pop star wife before going in for a sweet smooch.

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Asghari celebrated his bday on March 3, and posted the video on his Instagram Stories to commemorate the event. Fan accounts (like the one above) captured the content to share it past the 24-hour Instagram story shelf-life.

Spears also shared a birthday dedication post on her own account.

“Happy Birthday 🎂!!! I love you so much and hope you get all your birthday wishes and more!!!” she wrote in the post caption, which contained cute and cuddly photos of the duo from over the years.

A second post from the same day however, was less direct. The pop star showed off a repeat outfit — a paisley-pattern pink crop top and a short, white mini skirt — with a caption that said, “Life goes on …”

The Grammy award-winner noted that it’s the “first white skirt” she’s worn in a “long time,” followed by a stream of less-than happy emojis 😒🦄😒🦄😒🦄😒.

She previously posted a video of her in the same outfit back on Feb. 10, when she publicly declared she was alive in response to an alleged intervention media frenzy.

Spears has been known to post old images and videos as new posts, which often leaves fans baffled. These posts have made fans concerned about everything, from her mental health status, to her actual whereabouts.

The “Crazy” singer likes to keep them guessing, while also keeping paparazzi at-bay when she is on the road.

While she’s likely goofing off this time around, the “Overprotected” star has posted cryptic messages on Instagram in the past. Most recently, she’s talked about media “mysteries” after visiting her favorite restaurant, Nobu, twice in one weekend.

She also has used pie as some kind of code after slamming her family in a post that surfaced details of life under her 13-year conservatorship.

The singer has also been mixing in more of her own hits into her social vids, while showing off her favorite fashions. “The Hookup” and “Toxic” were both featured as audio tracks on her two latest posts, one where she even said, “The outfit was giving flight attendant Toxic,” though the outfit she had on in the 2003 music video was blue, and structured very differently.


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