#1 mom Britney Spears is still gushing over her son’s insanely impressive anime drawings

Britney Spears does it all. She works hard to produce kickass performances that may or may not involve a giant python. She slays on the red carpet and simultaneously starts trends while doing so. On Instagram, she inspires us all to embrace our beautiful bodies. Plus, she’s an amazing mom and is super proud of her two boys – especially when they show off their artistic talent.

Just like their mom, Britney Spears’ sons are filled with creative energy. To prove it, one of the Spears’ boys has worked hard to exercise his passion for the art of anime. He specifically loves to draw characters as gifts for his mom. As you can imagine, Britney’s pride cannot be contained, which is why she saves all her son’s work and ends up sharing his art with the world on Instagram.

What’s perhaps the best part is watching her son’s anime art evolve over time. Three weeks ago, Britney shared this creation with her 10.8 million followers:

Just last week, the superstar demonstrated how strong their mother-son bond is by posting an anime illustration of herself. It was, of course, produced by her son because he clearly loves and admires his mom:

My son is really into Japanese anime and creates these elaborate characters,” wrote Britney. “I am a very proud mom. My son is a true artist!!” Just yesterday, Britney continued to demonstrate her delight by posting this beauty:

She captioned the above: “My son’s art ?

If it hasn’t been done already, can someone please get Britney a World’s Best Mom mug?

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