Britney Spears, wonderful human, opened a children’s cancer foundation campus in Las Vegas

Britney Spears: amazing singer, beloved pop star, and cool mom extraordinaire. But she’s also a wonderful human being. Spears just opened a children’s cancer foundation campus in Las Vegas. Of course, Spears is no stranger to Las Vegas. She’s performed at Planet Hollywood (and sang live on stage, thank you very much) for years. In fact, she generously donated $1 million in ticket sales from her show to help make the campus happen. We’re not crying, you are.

The grand opening of the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation’s (NCCF’s) Britney Spears Campus took place on Saturday, and the singer was on hand to cut the red ribbon. “I’m just really excited to be standing here for our new NCCF campus,” Spears said at the ceremony, according to People. “We started fundraising in 2014 and we’ve raised $1 million to build this amazing facility to support the kids and the families everywhere. I’m so thankful to everyone for their generosity in making this a reality and making this happen.”

NCCF CEO Jeff Gordon was also there to thank her. “We can’t thank Britney enough being able to do this,” he said, People reports. “Our dream for many, many years has been to be able to have one building that all of our 45 programs can come together in one place. And that we are able to do today. And that doesn’t happen without someone like Britney Spears.”

Here’s a photo from Saturday’s ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Brit is surrounded by children from the NCCF, as well as Gordon and Clark County Commissioner Steve Isola.


Spears has supported NCCF for a long time.

Here she is visiting the Zappos Campus in Downtown Las Vegas back in 2015.


Later that year Spears attended a back-to-school event, which also benefitted the NCCF.

We can definitely see her motherly side coming through in these pics. Aww.


Just seeing the smiles on these kids’ faces is getting us even more excited about Spears’ new campus.


“We saw a side of Britney Spears that so many people maybe don’t have the opportunity to see," Gordon said of working with Spears. "You realize what a special person Britney is. She’s an incredible performer, we know all that, but she does care and the more we’ve gotten to know her, the more grateful we’ve become to her, and the kids have adored her.

No doubt about it, we agree. We’re grateful for Spears opening this new campus and are so happy for all the children and familiar that the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation’s Britney Spears Campus will help.

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