Britney Spears can’t remember the origin of one of her most iconic lyrics, but we’ll forgive her

As we grow older, our memories just aren’t what they used to be. And since we already forgot what we had for dinner last night, we can forgive a pop star for forgetting a song detail from a decade ago. An interview revealed that Britney Spears forgot where “It’s Britney Bitch” originated from, and we actually think that her forgetfulness is pretty endearing.

She, herself, has an idea, but can’t really say for sure.

It’s funny, since when we hear “It’s Britney, Bitch,” we always seem to morph into our most powerful versions of ourselves. Spears likely had no idea that three words could have turned into something so huge.

Spears was featured on 99.7 Now’s Fernando and Greg show when she admitted the truth.

"I really don’t remember. … I think we were in the studio, and me and [] were just playing and it came out," she said.

However, hardcore Britney Spears fans have already proven this to be untrue, as the lyric was from the song “Gimme More,” which she worked on with Danja and Keri Hilson in 2007. Spears worked with for another song a few years later.

Now, 2007 was a rough time for Spears, so we can understand why her memory might be a little bit selective. An article from MTV states that “It’s Britney, Bitch” was just something funny that Danja told Britney to say for the intro, especially because she was hoping to make a huge comeback with the track.

No matter what, we’re just glad that she’s doing so much better, and still making catchy tunes! This August, she released Glory, which is her ninth studio album. Not too bad for a girl from Kentwood, Louisiana.

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