Britney Spears’s Supposed “Big Day Out” Includes Odd Behavior at LA Restaurant

Britney may have finally left her house! But fans still aren't buying it.

Heads up everyone — there’s a chance Britney Spears may have left her house on the weekend of her birthday! Anyone who has been following her account closely knows the only kind of content she posts that shows herself is always from within her home, usually some kind of wild dance video or modeling shots in the foyer of her living room.

New reports, however, suggest the pop icon may have been out and about in honor of her 41st birthday, being wined and dined at Nobu with her husband Sam Asghari — and also attempting to kidnap little kids.

Just kidding about that last part… sort of. New video content has surfaced on TikTok with a story-of-a-story-of-a-story about how Spears was at the famous sushi restaurant and that she allegedly “snatched up” a random person’s baby, making a fuss over it, and covering it with kisses.

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TikTok user @YagrlKarina posted a video sharing screenshots from a group chat she had with friends and family members, who allegedly encountered Spears while dining out.

As the cousin-of-the-friend explained, a “hillbilly blonde woman” apparently grabbed their child and began gushing over it, and when the parents had a moment to take in the situation, they believed it was the “Oops! I Did It Again” queen in the flesh.

The footage @YagrlKarina revealed shows photos that her friend’s cousin had taken of Spears and their baby, while she smiled and waved at the camera. The woman in the photos is wearing a white shirt tied at the chest to reveal her torso, and her hair is so disheveled it also shows some very messy extensions.

Hubby Asghari is seen in the background of one of the images as well, wearing an outfit similar to the one he wore while filming content for Britney’s “1st” birthday all day on his own social media channels.

Asghari also posted an image of a meal from Nobu on the date of the singer’s birthday in his Instagram Story, but made no mention that the pair had left to dine there.

A separate concern @YagrlKarina brought up was that Spears did post a snapshot of her birthday surprise pulled together by Asghari, and that it took place while she was sick with the flu.

“It’s just not right,” the TikTok storyteller concluded.

Spears’ Instagram account is currently deactivated. But if the chain of the story — @YagrlKarina ▶️her friend ▶️his cousin ▶️ @YagrlKarina’s now-private TikTok profile — is confusing for you, don’t worry: the #FreeBritney fans are already calling bull.

The main conspiracy theory centers around the fact that no one, not even paparazzi, has come forth to verify Britney’s appearance, actions, and, well, anything else.


This woman claims Britney Spears DID in fact go to NOBU on her birthday, but I’m not buying it. Here’s why… #britneyspears #reaction

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TikTok user and celebrity gossip hot taker @yourbestfriendjoshua broke it down:

“The story doesn’t check out with me for a few reasons. One, nobody else can corroborate that Britney was at Nobu on her birthday. Two, Britney claimed she had the flu why would she have gone to Nobu to begin with. Three, why would she randomly grab someone’s child,” the TikToker wrote.

“Four, that is not what she was wearing her hair did not look like that in the video Sam posted on her birthday. Five, the woman that made this video is allegedly an actor and the overuse of the term psycho and hillbilly to refer to Britney really take away from the authenticity of this video,” he concluded.

It’s left to be said as to whether others will come forth to assure folks Britney has indeed been freed, but for now, we have to agree with @YagrlKarina on one thing — those extensions are yikes!

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