Britney Spears Reportedly Snubbed Beyoncé’s Music Video Collaboration Request

Fans are shocked that one Grammy legend won't be working with another, in what was sure to be an epic production.

Britney Spears is not messing around with her post-conservatorship career decisions. New sources have revealed that she turned down the chance to collaborate with one of the biggest music legends of our time — Beyoncé Knowles — proving that Spears is being pretty picky in how she spends her professional time.

Page Six received exclusive information that the “Overprotected” singer was asked by Queen Bey to appear in a new music video, but that ultimately, Spears did not take Beyoncé up on her offer.

Renaissance, the seventh studio album produced by the former Destiny’s Child singer, was dropped back in July of 2022, but despite being one of the hottest music releases of that year, including nine Grammy nominations, Beyoncé has yet to provide fans with the kind of media they want most: a new music video.

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Details on what song Bey had in mind for the music video, and what Spears’ exact involvement would have been, were not disclosed.

The last time the world saw Spears and Knowles sing together may have been over a decade ago. In 2004, both appeared in a 3-minute-long Pepsi commercial (along with fellow songstress Pink), where they sang a cover rendition of Queen’s “We Will Rock You.”

The video was a gladiator-themed multi-million dollar production for a Super Bowl ad, and also starred “Emperor” Enrique Iglesias who ironically did not sing or say anything in the spot.

This potential collaboration could have been huge for both millennial music queens. It also would have been the second major project for Spears since “Hold Me Closer,” her duet with Sir Elton John last year, which marked the beginning of her re-emergence into the music industry after the end of 13-year conservatorship ended in November 2021.

“Hold Me Closer” went on to be the top favorite song of 2022 in a Billboard reader poll, and John even gave Spears a personalized shout-out in a recent Instagram post.

Sources close to Spears have also alluded that the pop star is interested in getting back into the studio this year, based on her positive experiences working on the “Tiny Dancer” rework, according to an article in The Sun.

Whatever new creative work for Spears is mixing up for fans, it’s good to know that who she works with, and what she will work on, will be up to her. While we are bummed there won’t be a Britney-Beyoncé reunion anytime soon, whatever is on the horizon for both music idols will be nothing short of spectacular, to say the least.

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