Britney Spears has the best backup career plan ever

Have your parents ever told you that you need a ‘back-up plan?’ You know, just in case your life goal of becoming a mermaid doesn’t work out? It’s totally OK to have a plan B if plan A falls through, and pop-princess of yesterday, today, and forever, Britney Spears, has one, too. If singing stops working out for her, she plans to become Brangelina’s nanny.

Yup. Spears wants to hang out with Brad and Angelina, and look after their little ones, Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox, and Vivienne. “That sounds fun to me!” She told Good Morning Brittan, “I’ve met Brad Pitt once, but I’d like to meet the [family] again, and I’d like to become their nanny.” Sure, why not? I imagine Spears’ own two children, Sean Preston and Jayden James, would get to come along, too, because the the more the merrier, right?

This idea is sending off major Sound of Music vibes, but without the war backdrop. Can you even imagine Spears in charge of a bunch of adorable kids, teaching them to sing, dance, and become killer pop stars? Actually, can we come, too? Make this a full-fledged day care system, and everyone will be lining up to tag along.

Spears later admitted in the interview that if she wasn’t a performer, she’d be doing something “[related] to the kids,” so a nanny makes sense. A nanny for Brangelina makes even more sense. So next time Brad and Angelina want a date night, they know who’s ready to babysit.

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