The real meaning of Britney Spears’ “. . .Baby One More Time” is NOT what we thought

There are few things more satisfying than discovering the nitty-gritty details behind your favorite songs, particularly when that song is Britney Spears’ hotly debated smash hit, “…Baby One More Time”.

The meaning of the legendary pop song has been the source of dinner table debates since its release 17 years ago. Many theorized that the song was one great big sexual reference, while others found it to be a troubling allusion to domestic abuse. Today, we’re happy to report that it’s none of the above.

Thanks to author John Seabrook and his anthology, “The Song Machine: Inside the Hit Factory,” we have confirmed that “…Baby One More Time” is, in fact, about a phone call.

The track, which was written by Swedish hitmakers Max Martin and Rami Yacoub, was inspired by the story of a young girl going through a breakup wishing her boyfriend would call her back. Apparently, Martin and Yacoub thought that “hit” was just American slang for “call,” which isn’t totally bizarre (you know, people still say “hit me up”). So, in the end, all Britney wanted was a measly phone call, not an analysis on the perpetuation of violence in pop songs. You could’ve told us earlier, guys!

(Image via Vevo)

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