Britney Spears Is in Mexico… or New York? AI Images and TikTok Filters Are Sparking Conspiracy Theories

Fans are wondering if the pop star may be using tech to trick us all about her whereabouts.

Where is Britney Spears?! Rumors about her whereabouts have been swirling around the internet ever since she announced she and husband Sam Asghari were taking a trip to New York.

However, it seems the pair may have not made it to the east coast. An image of what appears to be Spears in Mexico has surfaced, and fans are driving themselves nuts trying to figure out if it’s real.

The “Crazy” singer has been known to fib about where she is in order to throw the scent off for pesky paparazzi. It’s a smart tactic that hopefully allows the singer a smidge of privacy when she’s out, especially when she’s trying to have a lux holiday with the hubby.

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However, what’s actually crazy is how additional images have come out of the woodwork, showing Spears and Asghari holding hands in an urban setting.

What many people think is a couples’ holiday in the Big Apple is actually just images created by artificial intelligence technology — basically avatars of Spears and Asghari as though they really were in New York.

The source of these AI-generated images is murky. So while it’s unclear who posted them, at least people are savvy enough to know they’re fake.

AI technology has been around for decades, but recently a new app called Lensa has been taking mobile users by storm. The app uses AI to generate beyond gorgeous avatars, and celebs have even gotten in on the fun — including Asghari himself.

Hey, if it allows Britney to have a bit of unbothered fun, it can’t be all bad.

#FreeBritney fan theories are getting even more involved every day, however. Some claim Britney has passed or been cloned, while others think her assistant or husband may have control of her phone.

Asghari has especially denied these claims, saying he would “never control someone who has been controlled for 13+ years.”

If the AI images weren’t creepy enough, a new TikTok background filter is making its way around social media, too. It’s basically a greenscreen-esque filter of Britney’s living room that users can place behind them to re-enact their favorite spinny dance scenes.

While it’s meant to be fun for fans, some are taking the filter seriously, conspiring that Spears herself is using it to make it seem like she’s home when she’s not.

Spears has been seen out of her Thousand Oaks mansion more often as of late — allegedly spotted at places like Nobu and a Jack in the Box drive-thru in Los Angeles.

She recently uploaded a post (that has since been deleted) in which she spoke about the connection between travel, family, mental health, and…Mars — so we hope she’s at least having a vacation somewhere for some peace of mind and personal time.

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