Britney Spears released another single, “Do You Wanna Come Over” (and yes, we do)

This has turned out to be a stellar month if you’re in the whole undying love and obsession for Britney Spears camp (aka, all of us, forever and always), because she’s already released two songs from her brand new album Glory  (which drops really soon on August 26th) — “Private Show” and “Clumsy.”

And OH HEY, remember when Britney teased us with this post on Twitter a few days ago?

Well, she’s fulfilled her promise and released “Do you Wanna Come Over” and we can listen to it RIGHT NOW! Breathe in. Breathe out.


So, if you thought her other recently released songs projected major attitude, star power, and just, well, AWESOMENESS, this tune goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Some of the lyrics include, “Nobody should have to be alone if they don’t have to be… so… whatever you want, whatever you need, I’ll do it.”

Damnnnnnnnn girl. 


Okay, have you mentally prepared yourself for this moment of poppy and sexy amazingness? If so, here’s a preview via Britney’s Instagram, after which you have to head over to Spotify to hear the whole thing in all it’s GLORY.

OMG. Britney release your album already because we are freaking out!!!

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