This British crime scene investigator is talking about a major “Making a Murderer” clue we all missed

Sometimes a movie, TV show or documentary has a way with sticking with you long after it’s over. Even after watching it once or twice, you still can’t help but think about it. That’s how we feel about Making a Murderer. We binged all 10 episodes in December, but still feel uneasy about how the case was handled and wonder if we’ll ever know who really killed Teresa Halbach.

We’re not alone—Steven Avery pops up in the media almost every day as people still weigh in with opinions, theories and things we might have missed. Now, a Crime Scene Investigator is sharing his two cents about a clue we might have missed. Chris Gee from Sussex Police has something to say about the blood stains found in Teresa’s RAV4—particularly the one by the ignition.

“It’s not spherical, it’s got quite a bit of movement to it. I think that was left by a contact,” Gee explained of the stain.

Blood evidence is tough to argue with. It’s one of the biggest factors that frames whether people think a defendant is guilty or not (see also: O.J. Simpson). But Gee is proposing that just because the blood found in Teresa’s car matches Avery’s blood, that doesn’t automatically mean he’s guilty. Instead, Gee is suggesting that because of the blood’s location and the stain’s shape, there are other ways it could have gotten there—ways that didn’t directly involve Avery.

“For example, if I’ve shaken hands with Steven Avery, he’s got blood on his hands, it’s gone on to my hands and I’ve entered that vehicle,” Gee elaborated. “Then I could be the one who deposited Steven Avery’s blood that way.”

Making a Murderer introduced and explored the idea that the Manitowoc County authorities could have planted evidence—the blood in the car, the RAV4 key in Avery’s bedroom—in order to frame Avery. If you’re on #TeamAvery, Gee’s point makes total sense. Alas, we don’t know what happened for sure, but it’s interesting to consider.

“We cannot prove who has had the blood on them at the time,” Gee said.

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