These British TV announcers lost their minds on live TV when England won a critical World Cup game

It’s safe to say that everyone from die-hard soccer aficionados to those who are even mildly curious about the sport have been following the 2018 World Cup. And when England beat Columbia with a tense penalty shot on Tuesday, July 3rd, meaning they’ll officially advance to the quarter-finals, fans were excited — to say the least. And one of the most memorable reactions to England’s win comes courtesy of former England striker and sports pundit, Ian Wright, whose exuberant reaction is enough to make anyone wish that they, too, could find something to be THAT excited about.

Seriously — Wright and his fellow anchors were stoked. So stoked that they jumped from their chairs on live television, cheered, held each other, and danced up and down. And the extreme (albeit, hilarious and understandable) reaction has quickly gone viral, becoming one of the internet’s favorite moments literally overnight.

See Wright’s reaction for yourself (he’s the one sitting on the left):


Look at that joy! No one can accuse these guys of being anything but proud of their country. And Twitter took notice.

Wright’s reaction might have some competition though…

Needless to say, England is feeling itself right now.

Even total strangers bonded over their mutual elation.

The celebrations are well deserved,  especially after the emotional turmoil felt by so many before the surprising penalty kick. false

Oh, and even Prince William personally took to Kensington Palace’s Twitter account to express his pride.

England plays Sweden next in the quarter-finals later this week. We hope all of England is conserving its energy.

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