Britain’s five-pound note contains animal fat and vegans are *so* not OK with this

Yikes. The Bank of England has some serious explaining to do to hoards of vegans who are incensed by the fact that Britain’s five-pound note contains animal fat. According to The Independent, the bank confirmed that its new polymer five pound note does indeed contain a “trace of tallow in the polymer pellets used in the base substrate.”

In September, Britain made the move to polymer banknotes, touting its new currency for being environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, the currency’s recyclable plastic material failed to placate the country’s vegan citizens, who took to Twitter to let the world know how they really feel about the money.


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Plus those who will gladly spend the notes:

While there are clearly some citizens who think this is a non-issue, those opposed to the new note have taken their complaints from social media to a petition, which has already gained 70,000 signatures and counting.