Ring the alarm: There was a ‘Bring it On’ reunion

The greatest cheerocracy of our times had a super secret cast reunion that Gabrielle Union just outed on her Instagram and we would have given anything to be invited.

For the 15th anniversary of Bring It On, Entertainment Weekly got the cast together: Kirsten Dunst, Eliza Dushku, Jesse Bradford and Gabrielle Union. They dished on their memories of shooting the iconic teen film from 2000, including Dushku’s cheer camp experiences, that time the cast may have snuck over the border and gotten arrested in Mexico and the lines that still get quoted back to them. Surprisingly high in the rankings is, “I’ll get the door, Torr.” Maybe it’s the alliteration?

And did you know that Bring it On‘s working title was Cheer Fever? Glad someone axed that idea. And also that Bradford’s iconic The Clash shirt he wore? Yeah, be bought that himself. He tells EW, “Let the record state that I bought that Clash T-shirt off of eBay, because I was worried that somebody was going to try to put me in a reproduction that was too big or whatever.” Good call, Jesse.

See the snap of the reunion below, which Union captions by saying, “It was like no time had passed at all. Love these guys and I cherish the memories and the movie magic we created. #BringItOn forever and always. I said BRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!” (You can finish the rest.)

(Image via Instagram, Universal Pictures)