Switch up your cat eye game with these gorgeous colored eyeliners

We get it, not everyone is into brightly-colored shadows. There are actually some people who are immune to Too Faced’s adorable palettes and Pat McGrath’s pro-level pigments. If you’re all about nudes it’s cool, we’re not judging. However, colored eyeliners are the the saving grace of the neutral-obsessed. Just a sliver of color makes a bold impact, and you don’t have to buy a whole new palette to satisfy your color craving.  Just because you’re not exactly pro-rainbow highlighter doesn’t mean you don’t get the itch to add a bit more color to your makeup game.

If you can nail an OG cat eye, you can do this.

You can match with your lip shade.

Or go for a full-on contrast.


You can’t go wrong.


If you’re looking for razor sharp precision, use a liquid liner with a brush tip like Urban Decay‘s. It comes in 20 shades and there’s a glitter version as well.


Plan on putting some in your water line? Try a kohl liner like this one by Black Up. It’s waterproof which is a must for anyone with teary eyes.

Can’t get away from your signature black cat eye? Go for a double liner. If you’re gonna go pink you might as well get this color by Pantone in the color of the year, Radiant Orchid.


Cat eye experts might prefer a gel formula to get the perfect flick. This formula by Laura Mercier stays put and won’t irritate your precious peepers if you’re a contact lens wearer.

Trust us, it won’t be long before you’re totally obsessed with this trend and graduating to a colorful lid.

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