Netflix’s “Bright” sequel sounds cool, but Twitter really wants a *prequel*

Good news for people who are really into Netflix’s Bright — and according to Netflix, that’s a lot of you! The streaming site has announced that a sequel to their magical-cop action movie is in the works, so prepare for more magic wands. And while this is awesome to hear and stuff, and everyone’s pretty excited about it, Twitter has one small request for the Bright franchise: How about a Bright prequel?

The first movie in this Bright Cinematic World (I cannot believe I just typed that sentence) established the magical world of Los Angeles that Will Smith and his orc partner have vowed to protect. The thing is, though, we’re inserted into the middle of this story, and Bright spends a lot of time explaining things to us — like Wands, Brights, and why Elves are so gosh darn rich and living in DTLA. We also learn a little bit about Voldemort the Dark Lord, who clearly once ruled over all the land, but has since been vanquished. That’s what these Bad Brights are trying to do: bring the Dark Lord back. To like, rule over everything, etc. etc. etc.

But, come on, what happened to the Dark Lord in the first place? We’re getting a sequel to Bright that will obviously continue the adventures of Will Smith and his orc, but what about what happened like, 10, 15, 30+ years ago that really started causing chaos between the humans, elves, orcs, and annoying fairies?

Twitter has spoken, and Twitter wants a Bright prequel:


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Twitter has a very good point. And if this is just the beginning of the greater, BCU (can we call the Bright Cinematic Universe anything else?) there’s nothing to stop Netflix from making sequels and prequels for the film. Hey, it’s the highest-watched original ever for the streaming site. The people have spoken, and they want more Bright.