These bright and fruit-filled rice paper rolls are a genius way to get yourself to eat more fruit

We have nothing against fruit, but sometimes it can feel *so* impossible for us to actually get ourselves to eat enough of the stuff. While it’s totally possible to eat too much fruit, it’s generally recommended that adults get 2-4 servings of fruit a day. Yeah, that apple we keep shoved at the bottom of our bag all week long until it starts to rot (ew) isn’t exactly cutting it. But we’re not alone. Apparently, approximately 75% of Americans aren’t eating enough fruit, which is pretty rough. So we were *thrilled* when we learned about this genius way to up your fruit intake: by making these bright and fruit-filled rice paper rolls!

We came across our first fruit-filled rice paper rolls on food blogger Ami’s Instagram. As soon as we saw them, we just knew we had to try them! We heart rice paper rolls, so what better way for us to sneak some more fruit into our diets?!

TBH, it doesn’t hurt that these fruit-filled rice paper rolls are straight up GORGEOUS, too. Honestly, look at these!!

Our stomachs are growling just looking at these. Talk about a work of art!

Plus, you can use ’em to get your veggies in, too. These sweet potato, avocado, carrot and cucumber rolls look absolutely ah-mazing.

Yum, yum, and yum. We hope you dig these as much as we do, and here’s to getting in our fruits with nothing but ease and deliciousness!