Netflix’s latest original movie, looks like the most bonkers action film this year

Where has the wisecracking, supernatural creature-fighting Will Smith of Independence Day and Men in Black fame been all our lives? The Fresh Prince himself is back to the charming antics that made him the ’90s favorite, action-comedy star in Netflix’s latest original movie. And judging by the bonkers new trailer that just dropped for Bright, he’s still got it.

The movie sounds even crazier when you learn a little more about the fantastical universe where its action goes down.

Bright follows LAPD cop Ward (Smith) and his partner Jakoby (Joel Edgerton), who happens to be an orc. Together, they face off against rising interspecies tensions, and find themselves in the middle of a quest for a serious magical weapon. We can expect some classic police movie themes, it appears, like the two officers overcoming their differences (Smith doesn’t care for orcish music in the cruiser, for starters). There are fairies, elven soldiers, and plenty of parallels to modern police/race relations involved, too.

"The most important thing about this film is the relationship between Joel and Will, two incredible actors together. It's super-charged humor," director David Ayer said in a Netflix behind the scenes video. "It's gritty, hardcore action," Smith added. "It's wildly unique."

Aside from Smith and a blue-painted Edgerton, Bright — based on a screenplay by American Ultra‘s Max Landis — will feature Noomi Rapace, Edgar Ramirez, Lucy Fry, Ike Barinholtz, and Margaret Cho. The movie hits the streaming platform on December 22nd, just in time for your holiday movie binge.

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