These bright, dreamy tattoos by Turkish artist Gülşah Karaca will have you hopping on a plane to get one

We have so much love for tattoo artists, and some just have a style that really knocks our socks off. One such artist is Gülşah Karaca, a Turkish artist based in Istanbul. Karaca’s tattoos are truly so beautiful, and *so* unique, as they combine the geometric with the dreamy and bright in the absolute best way. While we love blackwork tattoos (who doesn’t?!) sometimes you just need a bit o’ color on your bod, and Karaca’s tattoos are the way to go.

Here are our fave dreamy tattoos by Gülşah Karaca:

1. This bird frame

MAJOR heart eyes.

2. This hourglass

Love the colors!

3. This rosehip

Perfectly delicate.

4. This floral piece

Perfect ankle decor!

5. This rad piece

A true work of art.

6. This scene

Just, like, WOW.

7. This state of mind

8. This incredible piece

Truly amazing.

9. This back piece


10. This temple

So in love!

11. This beauty

Seriously stunning.

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