Everybody’s getting Bardot bangs (aka the fringe you’re going to keep seeing more of in 2017)

Few styles stay relevant and pretty throughout the years without any updates. “The Rachel” haircut saw glory but has yet to come back. The mullet, on both men and women (paging Carol Brady! We miss you!), the lycra leotard, the SODA platform sneaker, gone. But not the Bardot bang. The flared fringe has never truly left us, earning its spot as one of the most undeniably pretty and yet totally edgy hair choices a person can land on. Rewind to about 72 hours ago when (GODDESS) Goldie Hawn presented with (FELLOW GODDESS) Amy Schumer at the Golden Globes. Goldie has rocked the Bardot bang since Laugh-In, which was the original Bardot era. Both women knew the danger and the importance of a flirty bang and a fiery attitude to accompany it, and have stuck with the look since the ’70s for a reason.

We’ve headed to Instagram to find the Bardot bang in every corner of the internet! Here are some faves:

Here’s the inspiration, Brigette herself, serving face and bangs for days:


Who needs pink when you’ve got fringe. We don’t know who this utter rockstar is, but she’s owning some of the greatest ashy-gray bangs we’ve ever seen:

We spotted Chloe Grace Moretz sporting the super sexy bang and we are living for it on her.

This smartypants is doing it the non-committal way— with a clip-in!

Penelope Cruz knows the power of the bang:


So French, so chic.


We see you Taylor! And you, Aziz…


Not just for blondes! Check out the fire that is the Bardot bang in red:

*~♡ Goldie ♡~*

Annnnd here’s Alexa Chung serving some heavy fringe:


If this selection of babes doesn’t have your scissor-hand twitching, we don’t know what could. It’s a new year! Try it out if you’ve never gone French with your bad self. The good news is, the growing-out phase is still part of the look. It’s the most win-win bang for your buck. LITERALLY.   ?

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