Brie Larson channeled a little “Westworld” in this sci-fi saloon outfit

Since winning an Oscar in 2016, Brie Larson has been serving us fierce red carpet looks daily. But it is her latest ensemble that’s giving us life. Because Brie Larson channeled a little Westworld in this sci-fi saloon outfit. Not only does she look great, she reminds us all of a show that needs to come back ASAP.

Brie Larson debuted the outfit during a Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony for her Kong: Skull Island costar John Goodman. The legendary actor finally received his own star, and he was joined by Brie and Jeff Bridges. Brie definitely stood out.


But who does she remind you of?

Equally important to admitting she looks stunning, is figuring out who Brie reminds us off! A beautiful angel?

Maybe a bride that is about to walk down the aisle?

Upon further inspection, it becomes clear that one of the most badass women in Hollywood channeled the newly embraced and beloved Westworld. She served us a sci-fi saloon outfit, and we are loving it! The show’s characters might be stuck serving others, but Brie knows how to just be herself. See for yourself.

The similarities are uncanny…

Angela Sarafyan’s character Clementine Pennyfeather suffers a pretty sad ending during her arc on the show. But this doesn’t stop Brie from fully embracing the saloon aesthetic.


The soft ruffles give the bottom of the outfit shape and texture, and the look is enhanced by a pair of killer heals. Not only does Brie Larson look flawless, she finds a way to look feminine yet strong. A delicate balance that should be left up to the pros. In this case, without a shadow of a doubt, Brie nails it.


Westworld might not be back for a little while, but at least celebrities like Brie remind us that a second season is close by!