Brie Larson got stuck in a huge line to vote early, so of course she did something just awesome

Brie Larson is committed to doing her civic duty.

The actress posted a hilarious account to Instagram describing her experience waiting in a lengthy line in Los Angeles to vote early in the 2016 presidential election. An estimated 5.2 million people are registered to vote in the city, and while 2.3 million of them are casting their ballots by mail, select locations offer the ability to vote early for those heading to the polls, according to KPCC Los Angeles.

Clad in a backward baseball cap and sunglasses, Larson started by snapping a selfie showing the magnitude of the line with the caption:

“Alright world. I'm about to wait in the insanely long and impressive line behind me to vote early! Power to the people.

But it doesn’t stop there. An hour into the wait, she made friends with fellow voters by ordering a pizza directly to the line. In the photo, she and her three new pals are seen holding a giant pizza, and now we can get a glimpse at the incredible shirt she’s wearing, emblazoned with the phrase “Give a Damn.”

By the three hour mark, she started to lose steam, but it didn’t hinder her spirits.

She continued to display her shining sense of humor, and when the local news came to the line, she managed to stay out of the spotlight.

All that waiting certainly makes a girl hungry. By hour five, it was time for some chocolate, so she enlisted the help of a fellow friend in line to hook up her with some goodies, FaceTiming her potential options. “Our friends were nice and let her leave the line, because SUGAR,” she wrote.

We haven’t seen official confirmation that Brie made it to the polls, but we’re sure that with her tenacity, she was able to cast her ballot. We support one Instagram commenter who wrote #BrieMakesVotingFun.

Brie Larson is ultimate voting goals. We’re with her.

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