Brie Larson has yet ANOTHER amazing unicorn sweater and where is she getting these??

YAAS, the adorable Brie Larson has another amazing unicorn sweater and we need to know where she is getting these sassy pieces, ASAP.

Larson has a thing for unicorns and all of her pretty sweaters help us believe in magic on a daily basis. In fact, Larson’s latest sweater is better that we could’ve ever imagined.

On Wednesday, the 27-year-old actress posted a video of her playing pin the horn on the unicorn — no, we are not making this up — and in it she dons a pink wig and grey unicorn adorned jumper (aka sweatshirt in British speak).

Unicorn Envy:

The fantasy clothing item has two unicorns on the chest area, with a cute cloud and rainbow lightening patch on the sleeve. Seriously, what’s not to love about it?

Larson captioned the unicorn-filled video using a ton of emojis, including hearts, rainbows and of course a unicorn.

Yes, the Room actress is all of our inspiration right now, and yes, it’s alright to have a major girl crush on the actress, because we feel the same way.

Outfit Repeater:

This isn’t the first time Larson showed off her love of the mystical creature on Instagram, and, if we’re lucky, it definitely won’t be the last time we want to raid her closet.

After the 2016 presidential election, Larson posted a photo of herself rocking a solo unicorn sweatshirt to keep America's spirits up and for us it did the trick.

In case you’re wondering that is a unicorn doing yoga and letting one rip. LOL, it’s just too freaking funny.

It’s clearly time she meets up with Margot Robbie and borrows her fantastic dress, because we can only refer to it as “Unicorn couture.” These two definitely need to get together.


Brie, we love you and your unicorn-filled closet. Can we be best friends already? Unicorn sleepovers and pink wigs at our place? Please!