Brie Larson shows off her new coat by recreating that iconic “Say Anything…” scene

If you love Brie Larson, cute coats and the world’s most romantic movie scene, it’s your lucky day.

Larson shared a photo of herself on Instagram sporting a super-chic short-sleeved H&M trench coat and recreating the famous “boombox outside the window” scene from 1989 rom-com Say Anything…


Larson explained that when she showed her fiancé, Alex Greenwald, the coat, he “immediately put an iPad in my hands and directed it over my head.” You guys, you’re too cute for words.

If you haven’t seen this classic film (what are you waiting for?!) you can watch the famous scene below. Then get thee to Amazon where you can rent it for $3.99!

Larson’s exact trench doesn’t appear to be available on H&M’s website, but if you’re coveting it as much as we are, check out similar styles below!


Suki trench style jacket, Azalea, $235


Sleeveless trench jacket, Madewell, $89


Denim sleeveless trench, ASOS, $21.50


Open-Front Longline Jacket, Forever 21, $64.90

And if you love her boombox iPad cover, cop one like it from Zazzle for $42.20.