Brie Larson’s touching SAG speech reminds us that we all feel alone sometimes

I’m consistently in awe of people who are able to say all the right things even under pressure.

With millions of people watching and only a limited amount of time available, Brie Larson not only said all the right things, her words were inspiring and resonated with so many people.

After winning the award for “Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor” at the Screen Actors Guild Awards for Room, Brie Larson stood poised, proud, and articulated beautifully a message about how exploring her own creativity thanks to the inspiration of her peers has helped her better understand her own sense of self and feel less alone.

It’s a brief and powerfully moving speech that serves as a reminder that everyone, even the most famous and celebrated among us can feel down at times. And that the stories we tell each other — whether through film or otherwise — can help to inspire us to become our best selves.

But those are just my words. They’re not as poignant and transforming as watching Brie deliver her words. So here’s the video so you can see (and feel) it yourself.

(Images via Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images)

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