Brie Larson’s off-duty look was taken to the next level with a bag that unleashed her inner tigress

Brie Larson has the eye of the tiger when it comes to picking great accessories. The actress was spotted at LAX yesterday, and Larson was sporting a super casual airport look. But with a black leather, embroidered tiger bag in hand, Larson brought her look to the next level.

Her sans bag says, “Yes, I’m fashionable, but also wise enough to stay comfortable while flying.” But her look with the bag screams, “Yes, I’m fashionable. If anyone told you that I’m not fashionable, I need their name, phone number and address pronto! You do not mess with Brie Larson!”

So basically what we’re saying is that this tiger bag makes Larson look fierce AF.


Larson is carrying Gucci’s Dionysus embroidered large leather hobo ($3,500). If you’re in the market for a new designer bag and tigers just aren’t your cup of tea, this bag is offered in three other styles.


Such as these two cute pup designs —



— or this beautiful blue leather beaded peacock feather bag.


Gucci has been really into embroidered purses this season. Plus, we’ve been seeing a lot of embroidery on silk bomber jackets and leather motorcycle jackets as well. If you’re not feeling the price tag on the Gucci hobo bag — or any Gucci embroidered bag — then we recommend that you try out this DIY project from YouTuber WithWendy.

Wendy shows you an easy way to make your own patches that have that embroidered look, without having to do the lengthy process of embroidering.

And the best part about these patches is that you can glue them onto anything! Thrift a leather bag or leather jacket, glue these babies on, and you’re runway ready! You’ll also have the glory of telling your friends that you made the piece yourself. Happy DIY-ing!

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