Brie Larson being introduced as Captain Marvel is literally the definition of happiness

A while back, there was this really awesome rumor that Brie Larson was the frontrunner to play Captain Marvel, aka Carol Danvers, in the upcoming Captain Marvel movie. Amazingly, that rumor came true, and over the weekend during the Marvel San Diego Comic-Con panel, she was brought on stage as a brand new member of the ever-expanding superhero family. It was 100% awesome.


Her introduction was actually the last thing to happen during the panel, a true cherry on top of Marvel amazingness. Larson literally ran on stage for like 10 seconds — for a giant Marvel group picture—  but they were the best 1o seconds of her life so far, and we have the pictures to prove it.

When you’re happy and you know it, throw your hands up into the air just like Larson, and SCREAM WITH SHEER GLEE.


Just like, look at how happy she is!! Look at how happy Zoe Saldana is for her! Look at Lupita Nyong’o thinking “Oh man, I hope we get to hang out all the time at Marvel parties.” Look at the way Kurt Russell is like “These youngins and their superhero movies.” Even Benedict Cumberbatch is totally into this newly crowned heroine.

Larson posted the amazing news to Instagram. While here, no, she doesn’t look happy she looks Superhero Serious, you know she is totally freaking out on the inside.

We’re just as happy as Brie with this big news. Can’t wait to see how much butt she’s going to kick as Captain Marvel.

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