We can’t believe what Brie Larson is wearing in this 2000s throwback photo

Brie Larson’s Instagram is basically a treasure trove of #tbt photos that leave us smiling for hours straight. As for her most recent post, it’s no exception.

Just look at this early 2000s’ brilliance, which features Brie Larson at the 2004 premiere of A Cinderella Story:


I know this is a lot to spring on you unexpectedly,” Brie quipped in the image’s caption. “Breathe, sit down and take in that I am wearing ACRYLICS. #tbt” Not only is she wearing acrylics – Brie is also sporting a tee that looks like it’s from Limited Too, heels that perfectly match her mini skirt, and lip gloss that most likely smells like vanilla beans or cotton candy. 

We should probably do a before-and-after comparison, right?


Okay, Brie obviously kissed the frog on her shirt because now she’s a shimmering goth princess who’s left her acrylics in the dust. We also can’t help but notice that Brie has always been on trend. I mean, back in 2004, we all wanted acrylics and now, each of us is on the hunt for that perfect goth lipstick.

Overall, we’d like to say Sorry to that frog on Brie’s shirt because we’re taking its crown and giving it to Larson herself – because she’s definitely earned this title: Queen of the #TBT Photo.

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