Brie Larson isn’t sure what to call her amazing friendship with Jacob Tremblay

Room co-stars Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay are probably the “it” duo of this award season. Their relationship goes well beyond the mother-son dynamic they played in the movie, which can sometimes mean it’s difficult to explain. When Brie appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, she talked about how this can get them into weird situations.

Brie specifically remembers the night of the SAG Awards when she and Jacob were waiting to present. Brie had to multitask preparing to present, talking to other stars, and listening for the cue, all while looking after a small child who really wanted to run around.

“This guy came up to me after watching me for a while,” Brie explained to Jimmy. “He was like, ‘How old’s your son?’. . . I was so embarrassed that I was like, ‘No, no no. He’s just my friend.’ And that doesn’t really work either. I think it’s going to be a while before we understand our relationship.”

Well, we don’t have to understand it to know that we love it, and to hope this friendship continues for years to come.

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