Brie Larson posted a throwback pic to her days on Disney, and how did we forget about this?

The great Brie Larson may be an Academy Award winner and a bona fide superhero, but she hasn’t forgotten her roots—her Disney Channel roots, that is. Last Friday, October 5th, the Room actress and champion of Instagram throwbacks took to the photo-sharing platform to remind us all of her Disney Channel Original Movie days.

Back when Erik von Detten, Ryan Merriman, and Kirsten Storms dominated the DCOM scene, a young Brie Larson starred in her first, and to date, only DCOM.

In a truly early 2000s move, Larson and Seventh Heaven’s Beverley Mitchell starred in the 2003 drag-racing movie Right on Track. Larson played real-life drag-racer Courtney Enders while Mitchell played her older sister, Erica. Posting a photo to Instagram in full drag-racing attire—complete with her racing helmet—Larson wrote, “This is your friendly reminder that this happened. #RightOnTrack #fbf.”

As if we could ever forget. Between Right on Track and 2001 DCOM Motocrossed, Disney really had us wanting to abandon soccer in favor of a more *extreme* sport. And while you may not find any Captain Marvel spoilers amongst Larson’s Instagram photos, you’llfind a litany of hilarious throwback pics.

The Glass Castle star is also always down to nod at her (sadly) short-lived career as a pop star, not to mention her other early roles in films like Hoot and Sleepover.

Larson’s Right on Track throwback has us wishing for a DCOM marathon. We can only hope that the full slate of DCOMs make their way to Disney’s streaming platform, which is set to debut sometime next year.

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