Remember that time Brie Larson was in a Disney Channel Original Movie?

Once upon a time, Disney Channel Original Movies were my JAM. They came out once a month, starred THE most topical teen actors (hi, Erik von Detten) and just totally got me. DCOMs just understood the emotional trials and tribulations of being a ragingly hormonal teenager.

Remember My Date with the President’s Daughter? Or Smart House? How about Model Behavior? I could go on. But aside from just being all-around fantastic, these movies did something amazing that I didn’t consider until recently: Plenty of DCOMs portrayed smart, strong female leads being total bosses, like Zenon, Cadet Kelly and Right on Track. Which, lest you forget, Brie Larson was totally in. Oh yes, really.

Brie had a stellar 2015. She was nominated for a slew of awards—including a Golden Globe—for her work in Room, and further proved her comedic chops in Trainwreck. The actress took to Twitter the other day to remind us of one of her earlier works: The 2003 Disney Channel Original Movie Right on Track.

Brie appeared alongside Beverley Mitchell of 7th Heaven fame, playing real-life drag racers Courtney and Erica Enders. In the movie (and IRL), the girls proved themselves on the track and raced past their male competitors to victory. The #tbt pic shows the duo, clad in their racing fire suits. Brie is seriously rocking some baby bangs (is that what those are?) and Beverly is wearing her shades on her head like a true early-2000s boss.

The picture is all kinds of amazing, and is for sure one of the greatest #tbts ever—not just because it uncovered one of Brie’s early roles. I’m also glad that she reminded me of one of Disney Channel’s most feminist original movies ever. Girl power!

(Image via Twitter.)