Brie Larson can’t stop playing GIANT games on the set of “Captain Marvel” — but we really need her to focus on this movie

Brie Larson has a great time wherever she goes; that’s obvious. Right now, she’s having an amazing time filming Captain Marvel, but Brie Larson’s behind-the-scenes photos from Captain Marvel make it look like she might not be filming a movie at all. Let’s take a look at what she’s been up to this week — and yes, it is only Tuesday.

The Captain Marvel team is obviously having a blast playing oversized bonding games.

Okay, so, the behind-the-scenes moments Larson posted to Instagram are actually pretty great. Even if oversized Uno and giant Jenga blocks leave fans with more questions than answers. Where did these games come from? Who is bringing them to set? How does one effectively play a card game with the cards are twice the size of your head?

“Just the team working hard on a Monday,” Larson wrote on April 16th, accompanied by this incredible picture.

Amazing. But one round of games should be enough for the Captain Marvel team, right? Then it’s back to making this movie we’re all losing our minds for? Uh, not quite. On April 17th, the Oscar winner and Captain Marvel star posted *another* behind-the-scenes photo and there is not a director in sight.

“I swear we are actually making a movie in between all this giant game playing,” joked Larson in the caption. So, okay. At least she knows that this isn’t exactly the Captain Marvel update fans were hoping for. Even so, it’s still pretty exciting to watch. Larson and Co. are obviously having a wonderful time filming the movie, and that will definitely come through in the film. If playing hilariously oversized games once in a while — or even once a day — keeps the (overwhelmingly female!) cast and crew happy and productive, then who are we to judge?

Captain Marvel will be released March 6th, 2019. At least that’s less than a year away!

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