There is so much proof Brie Larson owns the best shirts in the world.

Brie Larson is basically always our fashion bae. It’s no surprise that this impressive 27-year-old Academy Award winner has her top pick of drool-worthy designers clamoring to dress her for red carpet events. While promoting her latest film, Kong: Skull Island, Brie Larson has already been photographed in Alexander McQueen, Oscar de la Renta, Rodarte and Derek Lam. We expect no less for this A-List blonde bombshell.

While we are all massively impressed with her high-fashion looks, we are even more impressed with her wide array of sassy shirts. She practically owns one for every mood, outing, and statement – from sad, sappy days to jump-starting a revolution. This mega-talent proves that she might, in fact, own the best shirts on planet Earth.

Like this insanely hip shirt from back in the day! Check out the bowling pin necklace.

She even matched her lipstick shade to letters on her shirt.

Or an amazing throwback to ’70s flower power! This multi-hyphenate empowers us to dress how we please at the workplace and in life. She reminds us there’s no one-way to dress like a woman. By the way, we love how she rocks the opaque blue tights with the pink, Adidas hardshells.

Speaking of which, does she have an equally envious collection of leggings? Is that Larry David’ face?! She sports this statement tee on the last day of a shoot, proving just how darn humble she is.

Or the time she made friends with her fellow voters while wearing this bold statement t-shirt and holding a pizza.

Are you starting to notice a pattern?

Never one to shy away from voicing her opinions, Brie’s casual-wear reflects her awesome attitude and approach to standing up for what she believes in.

Oh, let’s not forget this shirt because it makes us feel warm and fuzzy.

Brie, not only is your acting game on point, but your shirts are giving us #stylegoals. We salute you, fashion icon!