Brie Larson went to the bathroom at the Met Gala, accidentally became a meme

The celebrity fashion event of the year is, without a doubt, the Met Gala. Pretty much everyone is there dressed beautifully and looking all elegant. Can you imagine ducking into the bathroom real quick and running into Kylie Jenner?

Well, that’s exactly what happened when Oscar-winner Brie Larson ended up in the most epic bathroom selfie. And it’s all pretty hilarious.

Brie Larson is a celebrity in her own right. After all, she’s won an Oscar and is set to play a freakin’ superhero in Marvel’s Captain Marvel. But that’s much different than the Met Ball, where it seemed like basically every celebrity ever was there. So of course, Kylie Jenner just had to take her “annual bathroom selfie”, which featured plenty of familiar faces like Diddy, Bella Hadid, and Franki Ocean. Oh, and looks like Brie managed to squeeze her way in. In a new version of Where’s Waldo, can you Find Brie?!

SO how did this come to be? Well, Brie just took a quick bathroom break and apparently stumbled upon this epic selfie. And of course, she had to join. Or maybe she was just trying to wash her hands? Plenty of celebrities find themselves in unlikely places with other celebrities that they typically don’t hang out with at these events but this is a whole new level of personal.

FYI Brie, you’re Captain Marvel. You’re *already* pretty famous. Of course, your face of pure joy here is perfect. You are all of us and we love you even more for it.