Brie Larson just reminded us that she was in the 2006 classic “Hoot”

We know Brie Larson best for her remarkable work in Room and most recently for her role in Kong: Skull Island. But this Academy Award-winning actress has been on the big screen for a while! Specifically, Larson reminded us that she was in Hoot — and we’re like, oh yeah! That was Brie!

Both the Carl Hiaasen novel and movie adaptation of Hoot were all we could talk about circa 2006. And who could forget Beatrice, the lovable owl-advocate who helped bring the new kid, Roy, out of his shell?

She also tied Roy’s bully to a tree! That was awesome!

After Larson brought this #TBT/#FBF to our attention, we decided to do a Brie Larson IMDb deep-dive. What other almost-forgotten projects was she involved in? We had to know!

Larson’s first breakout role was Emily Stewart on Raising Dad. She starred alongside her TV dad, Bob Saget, and TV sister, Kat Dennings. Here she is reading her sister’s diary to Jeremy Sumpter. This cast was stacked!

Remember the “Six Chicks” from the 2004 classic 13 Going On 30? Well, you might recognize one of the girls in the iconic girl gang. That’s right! Brie Larson was an Ashley Benson minion!

And then we’d like to jog your memory to remind you that Larson played Envy Adams in 2010’s Scott Pilgrim vs. the World — and she looked like a badass doing it!

From there, she moved on to play Kate in United States of Tara and Molly in 21 Jump Street. Plus, Larson appeared in many a short film, TV movie, and TV series throughout her entire career. She’s been one busy actress!

But, if her long list of credits shows anything, it’s that Brie Larson is not afraid to work hard (and often) to achieve her goals. And even now with several awards under her belt, it doesn’t look like Larson is going to quit acting any time soon. Thank goodness for that!

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