11 times Brie Larson’s fashion was as painfully awkward as ours during the early 2000s

Let’s all take a moment to be proud of ourselves for getting through the early 2000s, a time of questionable fashion trends. If you haven’t already burned them or hidden them deep within a closet somewhere, you can look back at old photos and cringe at what you wore during this period of time. Yet, if there’s one thing that’s good about the early 2000s, it’s that we definitely weren’t alone in our fashion mistakes. In fact, someone as fashionable as actress Brie Larson is right there with us.

While we may not have accessorized our outfits with a boxing glove, we did have several pairs of patterned pants and we most-definitely had a belt covered in metallic circles and stars.


Remember when tiger stripe jeans were a thing?


A choker? Two watches? Denim-on-demin? Feathered bangs? We’ve been there, Brie. We’ve all been there.


We’re currently having vivid flashbacks featuring all the asymmetrical tops we spent money on at the mall.


Three words: Von Dutch cap.


Cheerleader chic was 100% a thing at all our schools.


If your scarf didn’t match your purse, were you really part of the early 2000s?


Aside from the fact that her purse matched her heels, we cannot stop thinking about the chain on Brie’s jeans:




Okay, we can safely say that Brie was a fan of making things match (but weren’t we all?):


From the skirt covered in ducks to the headscarf, Brie Larson has clearly earned her early 2000s jean stripes:


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