Hold up. We’ve got the first photo from the new ‘Bridget Jones’ movie

Last time we saw Bridget Jones the year was 2004 and things were VERY different. Back in 2004, Facebook was barely a thing. Can you even imagine Bridget Jones getting her hands on a few (or a thousand) status updates? We can imagine it, we want to see it, and we’re probably going to see it when Bridget Jones’s Baby hits theaters. This is already an update we love to pieces.

The third movie in the Bridget Jones series has Renée Zellweger returning to the role once again, along with Colin Firth as Mark Darcy (SWOON FOREVER), and Patrick Dempsey in a brand new role that is probably not the same role that Hugh Grant played in the first two movies. But maybe. At least we can hope for Firth and Dempsey’s character to get in a fight over Bridget, something that’s already happened a hundred times in the prior two movies. But, all that information is still locked away in a pretty secure, secret diary that contains the real plot of the movie. Le sigh.

While we don’t know what’s going to happen to our girl Bridget, we’ve got something awesome to hold us over for now. Working Title has shared the first image of Zellweger back in the title role, and even though she’s got a new tech update, she’s appears to be the same Bridget we’ve come to know and love.

The image also seems to be a little subtle nod to the prior films, where Bridget clutched a diary and pen in the movie posters. Now she’s upgraded to an iPad with a bold red case, and let’s hope she’s got a passcode on it.

Her sweater also looks super cozy, but it’s impossible to tell if it also doubles as an Ugly Christmas Sweater.

The movie is currently in production right now in London, with an release date set for September 2016. Yes, that’s a year away, but happy endings take time.

(Image via Working Title)