One of our fave pop singers will be starring in the new ‘Bridget Jones’ movie

Every winter, my best friend and I snuggle up on her couch and refuse to move for nearly four hours as we watch the Bridget Jones movies back to back, and lament our inability to make Colin Firth love us. I mean, these movies are pure gold! Bridget’s so relatable and real, and she will forever be our fictional lady hero. And lucky for us fans, the movie gods are bringing Bridget back to the big screen. It’s been in the works for years, and it’s hit speed bump after speed bump. But now it’s full speed ahead! With an important addition.

Ed Sheeran. (If you haven’t screamed yet, it’s probably because you’re nervous you didn’t read it right. Don’t worry. You did. Ed Sheeran is in the new Bridget Jones movie.)

Word got out when Sheeran shared a photo on Instagram. In the background, Renee Zellweger is smiling coyly while Sheeran grins ear to ear. His caption for the photo merely confirmed what the photo was hinting at.

“Spent the day being an actor in the new Bridget Jones movie. Loved it. You’re gonna love it too[…]#bridgetjones #bridgetjonesbaby”

There’s very little more that we know about the film, other than the fact that Colin Firth will be in it despite concerns that he would not be reprising his role, and that the film centers around Bridget being pregnant. Oh! And one more thing: Patrick Dempsey’s going to be in it too.

Okay, this movie is officially insane. Although I may have shed a tear upon learning Hugh Grant will not be back to play everyone’s favorite bad boy, Daniel Cleaver, they have more than made up for his loss with these new additions.

(Images via Miramax Films, Instagram)