How to Throw a Bridgerton-Themed Party, Tiaras and All

We're already cinching our corsets.

Dear reader, has the honor of hosting a lovely party been bestowed upon you? Look no further than the grand gatherings in London from Netflix’s Bridgerton as inspiration for the next brunch or ladies happy hour you plan for your nearest and dearest. But for real: who wouldn’t love channeling their inner Duchess for a spring afternoon garden party in celebration of Mother’s Day or a bachelorette party? We’re already cinching our corsets.

Whether you’re looking for a fun theme for a birthday brunch, bachelorette party, ladies happy hour, or wedding or baby shower, Bridgerton fans will love dressing to the nines in gowns, gloves, and tiaras. Include an elaborate spread of scones and tea pots, play Bridgerton trivia, and embrace the show’s sexiness with frisky gift bags. Of course, dear reader, keep the party small and safe if your group hasn’t been vaccinated, and take advantage of the spring weather by holding the regency party outside.

How to throw a Bridgerton-themed party:

1. Send an elaborate, hand-written invitation.

First things first: Select your diamonds of the season and send them a fancy invite (or virtual invite if you want to save money on postage). Choose a scrawling, Lady Whistledown-esque font and share all of the details of the upcoming ball with your chosen guests.

2. Decorate your space with elegant and romantic flowers and decorations.

No party is complete without the proper decorations. For your outdoor garden party, flowers and romantic candlesticks are a must. Whip out your most elegant tablecloth plus dishes fit for the queen, and you’ll feel as sophisticated as Lady Danbury.

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3. Wear regency dresses, gloves, and accessories.

Dressing up is the best part of any themed party, in our humble opinion. And especially when the theme is as fancy and unlike our day-to-day outfits as the Bridgerton costumes are. Go all out with a silky, busty, pearl-embroidered gown, or opt for a more low-key version you might actually wear again. However, elegant accessories like tiaras, rhinestone necklaces, and gloves are no-brainers.

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4. Serve regency food and drinks.

High tea is an obvious choice for your Bridgerton-themed party, but you can also go the boozy route with champagne flutes. Provide scones, finger sandwiches, and macaroons for your guests to eat while they gossip more than Lady Whistledown herself.

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5. Play Bridgerton-themed games.

Depending on the reason for celebrating (and the guests present), choose different games relating to Bridgerton to play at your party. For a baby shower, opt for more PG activities like Bridgerton trivia or watching an episode—but for a Bachelorette party, go the more risky route, like ranking the best sex scenes from Season 1 or revealing which ones are most similar to your own experiences or fantasies. Scandalous, indeed.

6. Send guests off with a victorian gift bag.

Give your guests a Bridgerton-themed gift bag, including items like a copy of the first book, tea bags, a feather pen, and maybe even a sex toy if your friends are in need of a sexual enlightenment like Daphne Bridgerton.

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Enjoy, dear readers!

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