The Stars of ‘Bridgerton’ Are *Very* Aware of the Show’s Sexiness—and They’re Proud

Phoebe Dynevor and Regé-Jean Page say they worked hard to nail their chemistry.

Everyone and their mother seems to have found the delicious sexiness of Bridgerton, currently streaming on Netflix. The Shonda Rhimes-led show, which debuted its first season on December 25th, stars relative newcomers Phoebe Dynevor and Regé-Jean Page as Daphne Bridgerton and Simon Basset—two youngins in the 1800s who can’t help but fall in love.

And have a lot, and we mean a lot, of sex.

Dynevor and Page opened up to E! News on December 30th about filming all those intimate scenes and the work they put into developing their chemistry for the show. Dynevor shared that she felt incredibly proud of their work, saying, “I feel really proud of those scenes honestly. We worked really hard at making them feel real.”

She also noted that they blocked out scenes and worked with an intimacy coordinator and said each was highly choreographed to make sure they were properly telling the story. Each sex scene was also very intentional in telling Daphne’s sexual awakening, so to speak. “[The sex scenes are] not just there to be there,” she added. “They’re there to tell this story of this sort of sexual awakening that Daphne is having and I think that’s so important for her story particularly.”

But perhaps the best thing Dynevor added about filming these scenes with her costar Page, was her comfort on set. I was very safe; I felt very safe with Rege, she said.

The show is already making waves for getting viewers all hot and bothered—and with the incredible amount of chemistry between the costars, it’s easy to see why. That chemistry didn’t come overnight, though. According to Page, he and Dynevor spent a long time cultivating that so they could do these characters justice.

It was “a lot of time in each other’s arms before we even hit the set,” he shared with E! News. “And so once you’ve spent that many hours on the dance floor with someone, being close to someone, literally catching each other when you fall—and we did fall because we weren’t brilliant dancers—then a lot of it happens quite organically.”

Whatever these two did to prepare worked because we couldn’t help but fan ourselves through every single one of those scenes. Now if you’ll excuse us, we need a cold shower before we can carry on with our day.

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