Which ‘Bridgerton’ Character Are You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Just like Lady Whistledown, the stars know all your secrets.

The Netflix TV show Bridgerton is making such a big splash with fans, that we decided to break down the characters based on which zodiac sign they align best with. And well, we hope you find this as satisfying as we do, especially since the Duke of Hastings is a total Scorpio.

But if you want to know which Bridgerton character fits your zodiac sign, scroll below. And make sure to read your rising sign, too!

Aries: Anthony Bridgerton

As the patriarch of the Bridgerton family, Anthony wants what’s best for his family (like any Aries would). He takes charge and care of those he loves, but with a protective eye. With an Aries mentality, he’s always looking forward and never looking backwards to ensure he can attain greatness in life.

Taurus: Daphne Bridgerton

Daphne rarely gives in unless she believes that she’s right or proven wrong. Stubborn to the core, she wants what she wants and won’t settle. As the story unfolds, she gets into a hot and heavy romance, as well as a sensual tryst that would make any Taurus jealous.

Gemini: Lady Whistledown

We all know that if there’s one sign who knows all the tea, it’s a Gemini. All the more reason why Lady Whistledown totally resonates with the Mercurial sign. Plus, in a total Gemini duplicitous fashion, her identity is unknown. So, anyone in town could be the gossip columnist.

Cancer: Lady Violet Bridgerton

As the matriarch of the Bridgerton family, Lady Bridgerton exudes kindness and tenderness—all sentiments that we expect from Cancer, who is the nurturer of the zodiac. She’ll always put the needs of her children first, even before hers. And in true Cancer fashion, wants them to choose happiness.

Leo: Queen Charlotte

If there were only three words to describe a Leo, they would be loyal, regal, and diva. This is why Queen Charlotte is best represented by the zodiac sign Leo, who after all, is a true royal. And, like the lion, Queen Charlotte is a little extra as well as loyal to her husband, the King.

Virgo: Penelope Featherington

Penelope is the wise, practical thinker, and dreamer of the Featherington family. She yearns for a life in which she can show off her amazing intellectual and analytical skills, as well as funny commentary—which is why she 100% fits the bill of being a total and absolute Virgo.

Libra: Colin Bridgerton

Libras are known to have hearts of gold, which is why we nominate Colin Bridgerton as our pick for the kind sign. Like a Libra, Colin is looking for love (sometimes unknowingly in the wrong places). But, his heart is in the right place—and that makes him all the sweeter.

Scorpio: The Duke of Hastings

Sensual to the core (and easy on the eyes), the Duke radiates mystery due to his intoxicating demeanor and looks. Just like every Scorpio, he isn’t opposed to fooling society from knowing his business as long as he is in on the gag and has total control over the situation.

Sagittarius: Lady Danbury

Like a Sagittarius, Lady Danbury is very outspoken and defies the societal norms of the time. She is a defender of others (particularly the Duke when he was a child) and fights along their side for justice. Her words are a bit harsh, but they come from a place of love.

Capricorn: Portia Featherington

As the matriarch of the Featherington family, Portia is focused on the business of marriage. Similar to a Capricorn, she places importance on structure and tradition. She also has a competitive side to her, which like the sea-goat, is needed to attain success in endeavors (particularly, finding her daughters a perfect mate).

Aquarius: Eloise Bridgerton

Eloise is a wild child on the inside, who is yearning to come out. The rebellious Bridgerton sister wants more than just to get married and have a family. She wants the world. Every Aquarian can relate to the need to create their own unique path in life, which is what Eloise desires.

Pisces: Marina Thompson

Pisces have a tendency to create their own narrative, which is what Marina does throughout the course of the show. Like a Pisces, she wants her fairytale ending and won’t stop until she gets hers—even if that means lying and withholding information about her “situation” from others who should know.

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