These 10 Videos of the ‘Bridgerton Musical’ Are Serenading Us Until Season 2

Okay, we need to see this thing brought to stage.

Big things are happening over on TikTok—like things one would never expect to come from an app that started as a platform where lip-syncing/copying dance trends reigned supreme. We saw the Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical come to fruition after months of collaborative planning from TikTok users worldwide. That event, which garnered an audience of 350,000 people, raised over $2 million for The Actors Fund. Now, TikTok musical aficionados have turned their attention to Netflix’s Bridgerton, and these numbers are making the wait for Season 2 a lot less boring.

Bridgerton, the Shondaland adaptation of the Julia Quinn romance novels, shook up everyone’s watchlist with its raunchy scenes, whimsical costumes and set design, and bold take on classic Regency-era romance. TikTok users are taking its lusty plot lines and dashing characters and melding them into a musical that we want to see played out on stage stat.

TikTok user Abigail Barlow and her writing partner Emily Bear appear to be spearheading the Bridgerton TikTok musical, with Barlow uploading a now-viral video of her and Bear’s original song “Daphne’s Song,” sung from the point of view of Daphne Bridgerton. Since then, they’ve gone on to write more POV songs that already sound stage-ready.

And just like the snowball affect that occurred when Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical got off the ground, Barlow and Bear have inspired others to hop on board and begin brainstorming their own lyrics.

We even have some very good auditions for the the role of Simon.

Simon and Daphne aren’t the only members of the Bridgerton cast to get their own songs. Anthony Bridgerton just got lyrics in a song called “Eldest Son” written and sung by Instagram user @sophieterry_.

And of course we have a number between Eloise and Penelope discussing who Lady Whistledown may be thanks to @essieriddlemusic.

@Taylorashmusic wrote a song for Marina that would be sung right after Marina finds out she’s expecting.

We even have some choreography in the works from @elchoreography.

And a potential Playbill illustration was drawn up by @yodelingcrowstudio.

And Bridgerton’s Nicola Coughlan is already this musical’s biggest fan.

Follow the #bridgertonmusical hashtag on both Instagram and TikTok to see where this idea ends up. If the Ratatouille TikTok musical can happen, the Bridgerton musical has a bright future.

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