6 Modern Mistakes Viewers Spotted in Season 1 of ‘Bridgerton’

With the season over, we have no choice but to make our own drama.

Earlier this week, dear readers, we informed you of two blatant errors that slipped through the fingers of Bridgerton editors and made cameos within the first season of the Shondaland Netflix series. One of which was the off-putting appearance of yellow road paint and the other a manhole cover under the feet of Penelope Featherington and Eloise Bridgerton as they took a stroll about town. But, to our shock, these weren’t the only two flubs that stood out to Bridgerton viewers after their first marathon session.

No—in fact, according to to our dearest Instagram followers, there is actually a slew of errors that the Bridgerton team tried to slip by us.

Did Bridgerton really think that we, with our penchant for scandal, would simply gloss over such grave errors? If there is drama to be had, as the reader knows, we shall publish it and name names if we must.

“Or that Lady Featherington has BLINDS on her windows??” @jenny_catastrophe commented on our initial society page article. Though we didn’t spot the blinds at the Featherington estate, the first time we visit Anthony Bridgerton’s mistress Sienna at around the 15:44 minute mark of the pilot episode…the blinds do make a rather outlandish appearance.

bridgerton flub

I have forgiven the zip up boots thrown off by [Daphne] 😂 Is it these you’re referring to? faithful Instagram follower @njcrazy88 added under our post. The shame!

Furthermore, others less local to our society pages also spotted strange instances of modernisms that showed up in merry old Bridgerton. The blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Primark ad in the window of one scene is one such faux pas.

And yes, the road paint and manhole cover simply cannot be ignored. Nor can the electrical Victorian-era lamp post in that very same pilot episode shot…

Though no one likes a good scandal as much as we do, we must be the first to admit that pointing out historical inaccuracies in a show that was designed to be a fantasy is sadly a feckless effort. Besides, these Bridgerton flubs cannot compete with the shock and awe factor that was the Game of Thrones Starbucks cup.

But being left to wait an indefinite amount of time before the premiere of Bridgerton Season 2, what did you expect us gossip hounds to do? Simply let the dust settle? Give up our scandalmongering? We think not, dear reader. And we cannot and will not be blamed for stirring the pot when a ladle is made available to us.

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