All the ways “Bridesmaids” perfectly depicted being in a wedding when you’re single

Being in your BFF’s wedding is a BIG honor, but there is a lot that goes along with being part of a bridal party. When in doubt, look to Bridesmaids for wedding advice. All right, you probably shouldn’t use the comedy as how-to guide for really anything, but it is surprisingly accurate about what it’s like to be single in a wedding.


It’s a lot of work. Everything about being in a wedding is work. It is fun at times, but overall it is hard work. Basically you’re taking on another job, so be prepared.

Your feelings will get hurt. The truth hurts, but your feelings will get stomped on throughout this process, so just dust yourself off and keep moving.

Single AF. In case you somehow forgot that you were single, being a part of someone’s big day will make you painfully aware of your relationship status. Being single is actually pretty awesome, so remember that when everyone starts asking you where your date is.


Money is hard to come by. Hopefully you’re not in as much of a financial rut as Annie was in the movie, but when you are on your own, finances are tough to handle and manage. You’re not splitting the cost of living with anyone, so give yourself a break every now and then.

Jealously rears its ugly head. Even if you are over-the-moon excited for the bride-to-be, some feelings or thoughts of jealously will enter your mind. It’s normal, so just listen to your head and then move forward.


Traveling alone totally sucks. When Annie is in coach and everyone else is in first class it’s like she is all alone on a flight, which is terrible.

Competition becomes your middle name. You have no idea why, but you are so freaking competitive while planning a wedding. Why does everything the rest of the bridesmaids say make you mad? Because you are with them way too much. You need space, so take it before you lose your mind.


Talking about being in a wedding gets annoying. Annie tries hard not to talk about the wedding and Helen, but she can’t help it and it doesn’t help her relationship. It’s hard to shut up about something that consumes your life, but you really should take it down a notch around people who aren’t in the wedding.

Love life issues. You will definitely reevaluate your love life and past relationships when you see how happy your friends are in their romances. Single and ready to mingle is totally acceptable, but wanting to be a part of a couple will enter your thoughts numerous times before your bestie says, “I do.”

Expenses, expenses, expenses. Everything adds up so quickly. Honestly, the dress, the bachelorette party, the hair and makeup, and everything else. So much money!


Vegas isn’t always a good time. Technically the bridal party never made it to Las Vegas, but it’s pretty clear that partying Vegas style isn’t as awesome as people think. It can be fun, but when you’re single the last thing you want is to be stuck in the desert, spending loads of money, and getting groped by gross men.

Drinking can make things better. Sure, drinking an entire bottle of wine when your friend says she is engaged is a little much, but sometimes you need a good drink and that’s okay.


Gifts from the heart. Annie does a lot of things wrong, but her bridal shower gift to Lillian is perfect. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make someone feel loved.

Friendship will conquer all. Even though it’s rough being solo during a wedding, you’re not totally alone. Your best friend loves you and that’s why she asked you to be in a the wedding party to begin with. Duh!