When this bride’s wedding was called off, she didn’t cry — she quit her job, sold her house and started traveling the world

Four years ago, just weeks before her wedding day, Katy Colins was hit with some devastating news: Her boyfriend no longer wanted to marry her. In romantic comedies, we’re taught to cope with news such as this by laying on the couch crying while eating Ben & Jerry’s, but Katy decided to respond by buying a one-way ticket and never looking back.

Katy, now 30, quit her job in public relations, sold her house, and decided to go on a journey around the world, including Thailand, Nepal, Argentina, Brazil, France, Dubai, and India — all while maintaining a travel blog called NotWedOrDead. YAAAS QUEEN.

“Everyone did think I was a little mad especially as I’d never traveled anywhere by myself before but it just felt right,” she told Manchester Evening News. “At the time I felt heartbroken, confused and a little disillusioned about what I was going to do with my life. But I just decided I wanted to go travelling. I quit my job in PR, sold my house and car. Literally anything that wouldn’t fit into a suitcase.”

She started her blog to update her family and friends, but it started growing and growing in readership. “People who weren’t related to me started reading my blog and sending me emails, telling me how brave I was to quit it all and go,” Katy told Manchester Evening News. “I received messages from other newly single men and women who said they read my blog as an inspiration that just because you’ve been dumped it doesn’t mean you have to listen to bad power anthems and devour ice-cream. You can use this as a catalyst for something much bigger and better.”

She even used the whole experience as inspiration to write a book — and she got a three-book deal from Carina UK, an imprint of Harper Collins. As if that’s not enough, the day she received the good news about her book felt like fate. “Ironically an editor called me on what would have been our third wedding anniversary,” she said. “It is poignant to think how far I’d come through hard work, being brave and wanting to live the biggest life I could. I am so happy now. Being jilted at the altar was the best thing that could have ever happened to me.”

Katy has climbed an active volcano in Chili, got covered in Holi paint in India, slept in a Thai jungle, seen Mount Everest, and skydived in France — and none of it would have happened if her ex hadn’t called it all off. “I’ve experienced things that I would never have dreamed possible but the highlight is being able to call myself a writer. Nothing compares to that,” she told Manchester Evening News. “I am a huge optimist and believe that everything happens for a reason. Life is about saying yes, being brave and knowing deep down that it will all end up alright.”

She’s still on her solo journey and will soon be heading to the Phillippines, and we can’t help but wonder what her ex is thinking right now. But then again, who cares? All that matters is that Katy is totally rocking this thing we call life.

(Images via Instagram.)

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