Getting married? Brides can now register for blowouts at this salon, because priorities

This deserves a toast of its own. A new partnership between Zola and Drybar allows brides to register for blowouts leading up to — and on — their special day! Zola is a genius wedding registry service that gathers all the best typical wedding registry items, such as linens and vacuums, as well as the not-so-conventional gifts — like blowouts from everyone’s favorite salon and personalized coffee subscriptions.

We’ve come a long way from going to Bloomingdale’s and walking around the store with those little personalized scanners (though that does sound fun). And while your grandma and great-aunt Nora might be confused by the inclusion of a hair service on your registry (we can just hear the, “In my day”s now), it’s hard to think of a more truly useful wedding gift.

And yes, Drybar and Zola have included up-dos on the registry menu, woo-hoo!

This is such great news, considering the less you spend on your actual wedding day, the more you have for your extravagant, Julianne Hough-inspired honeymoonplus, you’ll look great.

One of the best things about Drybar is that it’s a brand that truly gets us. Right now, it’s offering another wedding-related deal in select cities: $10 off a blowout starting this weekend through Labor Day for EVERYONE attending a wedding! That means if you have a wedding to attend in the next few weeks, you can get a fabulous blowout and look as good as the bridesmaids (but never the bride, of course, we don’t want to outshine her).

Plus, Drybar salons will be playing classic wedding movies, like 27 Dresses and Bridesmaids. Talk about “parrrrtay.”

Zola’s Drybar deal is on its website now. While it may be stressful to make decisions like, “Which fancy cake stand should I add to my registry?” when you have never baked a cake from scratch in your life, you’ll probably never regret registering for a Drybar blowout — the salons serve champagne. It’s a no-brainer.

Congratulations to all the blown-out beauties getting married. Happy registering!