Couples are choosing this no-fuss wedding cake trend in 2018

If you’re in the midst of planning your wedding, you may want to turn your eyes to Pinterest’s Wedding Report 2018. The site compiled the hottest wedding trends of the year all in one place, ready to be endlessly scrolled through. We’re talking messy bridal updos, minimal floral arrangements, and one of the most desired wedding cake trends this season — the fig cake.

We’re used to seeing a fair share of vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet cakes being cut at wedding receptions.

But according to Pinterest, searches for fig cakes have increased over 500%. People are fruity for figs!

Pinterest classifies the fig cake as a more understated substitute for the traditional “towering behemoths” often seen at lavish celebrations. Paired with simple white icing, fig cakes are a bit more bohemian, earthy, and casual. Most of the fig cakes featured on Pinterest are decorated with actual figs and other fruits, which would look nothing less than divine at a nature-themed wedding.

Figs are an ancient fruit, revered as sacred by many Asian, Middle Eastern, and European cultures. In religious texts, figs often represent prosperity, abundance, and peace, and therefore the symbolism of the fruit could add an extra layer of meaning to a wedding celebration.

Plus, these cakes are simply gorgeous to look at.

As for the flavor of a fig cake, it depends on the recipe one uses. But the taste of a fresh fig pairs nicely with honey and hints of berry sweetness. It’s perhaps a lighter and brighter alternative to traditional wedding cake flavors and would work well for warm weather weddings.

Serving up fig cake at your wedding will give your guests something to write home about. It’s a memorable flavor that will add a non-traditional twist to your wedding day.

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