One bride’s heartbreakingly beautiful tribute to her late fiancé

There really is such a thing as endless love.

If you don’t believe, you will after hearing Lauren’s story.  Take a look at the beautiful bridal photo shoot Lauren Reynolds did to honor her late fiancé, Tristan Woods.

Last year, the Seattle couple was set to marry when Tristan was tragically killed in a car accident a month before the wedding, as the Daily Mail first reported. Processing her grief took some time, but a year later Lauren decided to honor Tristan’s life, and the life they could have together, with a heartbreakingly beautiful bridal shoots.

Lauren, dressed in her wedding gown, invited family and friends to the location of the photo shoot, to celebrate Tristan’s memory in a meaningful way. Lauren told the Mail, “ That day was the closest I’ll ever get to a real wedding day – it was like Tristan was there watching over us.”

Following the shoot, Lauren and guests headed to a special place for the couple, Dash Point Beach. They released balloons as a way to connect with Tristan’s spirit and find some comfort. Lauren said of that moment “I let mine go first and then everyone else let theirs go. It was a really good day but I still went home without a husband and woke up without one.”

Lauren is still grieving her loss, naturally, but this photo shoot and memorial, according to her, is a good way to heal. She said, “My soul feels quiet now – I feel agony and yet quite peaceful at the same time.”

Reading Lauren’s story makes me want to reach out and hold my love ones just a little tighter. Make sure you tell your significant other you love them, call your mom, and hug your bestie. You won’t be sorry.

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