Why this bride’s STUNNING photo has taken over internet

Putting on a full face of make up and finding the perfect shade of lipstick for the occasion can be super satisfying, but sometimes going au naturel can be the truest decision to you.

A yet unnamed bride, who Allure brought to our attention, made that very decision on her big day, and now her gorgeous makeup-free face has gone viral. Twitter user Bra Kofi posted the photo, although it’s unclear where they got it from (or if they’re the bride themselves).


The tweet has gotten over 1,200 retweets and over 1,000 likes since it was posted August 20th.

When “affordable” wedding dresses clock in around $500planning a wedding can cause more grief than joy, and one might even call expectations that women wear make up a tax, it’s easy to see why one would want to buck the trend and do things on their own terms.


There’s so much pressure for women to look perfect and behave perfectly and plan the perfect wedding, but all that pressure can so easily bring you down. And that’s the last thing you want on your wedding day!

While we’re totally supportive of women who find make up empowering and love it — go on with your bad selves — we really have to hand it to this bride for doing her wedding on her terms.

Although the internet hasn’t been able to track her down yet, we’re sure this lucky lady’s lucky groom loves her for who she is — and we’ve gotta say, so do we!


Congratulations on your special day, girl, keep on being fabulous.

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