Why this picture of a bride and her service dog has gone viral

Wedding photographer Maddie Peschong captured a special moment between a bride and her service dog on January 9, and the picture has since gone viral on social media. We have to say, we can totally see why the photo has touched so many people because just looking at it puts a lump in our throats. So. Many. Feelings.

Can’t you just feel the love between these two? Bella, a yellow Labrador retriever, helps Valerie Parrot deal with stress and anxiety. The dog can even predict with Parrot is about to have a panic attack. When asked why she thought people have had such an emotional response to the photo, Parrot told USA Today, “I think it’s had such a positive effect because it captures such an amazing bond between a service dog and her handler. Without Bella, my life wouldn’t be the same, so it just made sense that she would be a part of mine and my husband’s big day.” Bella even walked down the aisle with the happy couple.

Bella has been by Parrot’s side for two years. They were matched together at the Animal Psychology Center in Rapid City, South Dakota. Parrot has a blog where she chronicles the benefits of having a service dog and explains exactly how Bella helps her deal with anxiety and mental illness. She writes, “Talking about Bella is difficult because she has so many sides to her. It is important to note that she is multiple things, she’s a working dog (Service), a playful pooch and my best friend…Bella’s medical alert title refers to her ability to predict and inform me of different type of body changes. Such as rapid heart beat that may lead to more serious issues such as panic attacks, dizzy spells and other issues involved with my medical condition.”

Bella was hard at work on Parrot’s wedding day because as everyone knows, while weddings are wonderful, happy occasions, they can also be stressful. On her blog, Parrot says, “A lot of girls experience their first panic attack leading up to weddings. A lot of girls with these disorders double their number of normal panic attacks.”

We’re so glad Bella was there to support Valerie on her special day, and we just love the special bond between this beautiful bride and her amazing bestie. Best wishes to Valerie and her husband for a long, happy life together.

Goog dog, Bella. Very good dog.

[Images via Twitter.]

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